Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage

to restore your energy balance

Shiatsu, meaning «finger pressure» is a complementary (or alternative) therapy and is known for its particular technique of massage. Originating in Japan, many centuries ago, it is form of acupressure, and uses varying rhythms and degrees of pressure to balance the life-energy that flows through specific pathways (meridians) in the body.

For most of us, Shiatsu is just another massage technique that uses finger pressure instead of the traditional methods -- friction, percussion and stroking. Now this simplistic view may be true concerning the form of the massage, but it ignores the important preventive and even curative capabilities of this approach.

Shiatsu is actually a Japanese massage technique that is closely related to Chinese acupuncture. In Chinese philosophy, the body is thought to be composed of a network of meridians, which link the various vital organs. The energy that drives us circulates through this network.

In the first stage of a consultation at Studio Pressurat, the massage therapist will try to identify any energy imbalances in the patient’s body. The therapist will then work to restore a proper balance by concentrating on specific areas of the body, following the damaged meridians.

Each of these areas represents a specific point where nerve endings that regulate an organ or a body function converge. When energic chaos occurs, these points become more or less sensitive to the touch. The therapist’s role is to apply different forms of pressure to the appropriate points, in order to interrupt these chaotic nervous spasms and to restore harmony to the patient’s network of vital energy.

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